Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

Business Services

OBAS offers business owners different service packages to choose from based on the specific needs and requirements of their business.

We offer the following Service Packages:

Weekly Service

OBAS will act as your Part-Time Bookkeeper/Accountant, taking care of day-to-day tasks. Most common services included in this package are: bill payment, processing cash receipts and deposits, customer billing, updating QuickBooks with new activity. We will also provide assistance with bank reconciliation and preparation of month-end financial reports.

Month-End Service

OBAS will assist with monthly activities, reconciling your bank and credit cards accounts, preparation of financial statements and custom reports, reviewing monthly activity for accuracy. This option is ideal for businesses in which the business owners process the day-to-day bookkeping transactions themselves.

Quarterly or Yearly Services

For businesses who employ a bookkeeper but need additional help or expertise on a quarterly or annual basis, OBAS will provide a high-level, experienced accountant to review the activity, make necessary reclassifications, and sit down with the business owner to review the year-end financial reports. We will also offer assistance with other year-end tasks as 1099 preparation, preparation of the budget and cash flow projections for the following year.

One Time Service/Project Work

OBAS offers this service to businesses which require a one-time project. Services provided under this option will cover preparation of custom reports, organizing year-end information for the tax preparation, new company setup in QuickBooks and QuickBooks training, Catch-Up Bookkeeping.

Services by Level of Expertise

Our Business Services are divided in three different categories each offering a distinct level of expertise.

Bookkeeping Services:

  • Accounts Payable and Bills Payment

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Customer Billing

  • Payroll Recording in QuickBooks (OBAS prefers its clients to use a payroll company to process payroll and file the employee/employer taxes)

  • Bank Reconciliation

  • Credit Cards Expense Tracking and Reconciliation

  • Preparation of monthly financial reports

Accounting Services:

  • Review financial transaction for accuracy

  • Analysis of financial reports and review of the reports with the business owner

  • Cash Management

  • Establish and maintain banking relationships

  • Cost Control

  • Preparation of Annual Operating Budget

  • Preparation of Cash Flow Projections

  • Special projects and custom reports

Consulting Services:

  • Assistance with new business start-up

  • QuickBooks software setup and consulting

  • QuickBooks Training

  • Assistance with related topics: insurance and employee benefits implementation

  • Website Development

Tax Preparation Related Services:

OBAS is willing to work with your existing CPA and assist with all the information needed for preparation of your business tax returns.

If your company does not have a CPA or is looking to replace the existing one, we are glad to offer tax service preparation through our partnership with an accredited local CPA firm.